The strength and the spirit of Hotel Armentarola

Toni, Alessandra, Franz (✝ 18.12.2023) and Waltraud Wieser and their staff

What sets apart our idea of hospitality is sensitivity. A feeling that has been passed down from generation to generation, and which we share with our staff. This is where our strength lies, with a sense of purpose that always puts a smile on our faces. A smile for our guests, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Hospitality in the Dolomites

Our staff at Hotel Armentarola is renowned for warm and genuine hospitality, which will make your stay in the magnificent Dolomites an unforgettable experience.

Professional excellence

Our staff is highly qualified and committed to ensuring that every aspect of your stay, from arrival to departure, is perfectly taken care of. Its professionalism guarantees you an impeccable and high quality service.

Knowledge and passion for the region

Our staff shares a passion for the region and can offer valuable advice on the local area. Whether it is hiking trails, cultural attractions or culinary advice, our employees are always ready to share their local knowledge with you.

Personalised attention

At Hotel Armentarola we believe in giving our guests a personalised service. Our staff will take the time to understand your wishes and needs, to ensure that your stay is a tailor-made and unique experience.

Franz Castlunger, the executive chef
Flair, imagination and experience

Franz has learnt the art of cooking in some of the world's finest kitchens. Today he cooks his dishes with enthusiasm, creativity and the willingness to challenge himself. A constant challenge, to the delight of all our guests.

Francesco, a good-natured sommelier
Capable, considered, helpful

Expertise, experience and good instincts. Francesco knows all the labels in the cellar to perfection. Asking him for advice is like uncovering a world of knowledge. He is always polite and in a good mood.

Maria, the lady of hospitality
Patient and sweet, a constant presence

Maria has been with us for a long time: tireless, kind and attentive, she makes the well-being of all our guests her mission. She is always smiling.

Responsibility and awareness

Good hospitality requires responsibility and awareness in the respect of others, both guests and colleagues. Only together can we grow, only together can we work for the benefit of all.

Looking ahead

In our hotel, we encourage the continuous training of all our employees so that everyone can develop their professional skills in a positive way.

The future, today

In our hotel, we take care of our employees through responsible management and care in ensuring that they will enjoy the pension benefits provided for by the reference sector.

A special eye on welfare

We care for our employees and their families through a series of initiatives aimed at ensuring their well-being.

Sharing our table

On working days, we make our in-house catering service available to all our staff: an important opportunity to get to know each other better, share opinions, have fun and strengthen our team.

In good shape

Our gym is available to all employees who wish to exercise and play sports.

Endless wonders to discover and enjoy.

Alta Badia is a paradise for those who love sports and the warm atmosphere of a chalet. It's a treasure chest of beautiful things.

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