A long history of hospitality

Hotel Armentarola, a warm family welcome since 1938

Away from the village of San Cassiano. Woods, meadows, a stream. The Dolomites all around. The desire is to find an idyllic, secluded and quiet place. To build not so much a mountain hut as a Home, where the ritual of hospitality could be practised. It was the dream of a lifetime, an idea of Paul and Emma that began to take shape in 1938. The wood, the stones, the hard work. Paul works hard and when things go well the village sees him as a visionary. Emma cooks for those who work, and word gets around of how good she is. This is how Hotel Armentarola was born. But what sounds like a fairy tale is, in fact, the real life of the Wieser family. With the arrival of the children, the hospitality grew with them. Hotel Armentarola is next to paths favoured by mountaineers. It is next to the slopes that delighted the first tourists in the Dolomites. It is next to a little paradise on earth that has become an international destination. But the substance remains the same, because its roots are deep in a dream, that of Emma and Paul, which shines today just as it did then.

Hotel Armentarola, hospitality beyond the stars

As our hotel in San Cassiano has grown, so have its stars. Today we are a 4-star superior hotel. This is, of course, an important achievement, although we prefer to look at the stars when they are in the sky, shining on the Dolomites at night. It is the commitment of three generations that has brought us this far; we are the classic example of family-run hospitality. What we have passed on - and what we want to pass on -, are attention to detail, beauty combined with comfort, sobriety that turns into smiles, respect for those who work with us and a welcoming feeling that spreads everywhere and that our guests recognise immediately the moment they arrive. This is the spirit of Hotel Armentarola, this is what we have been since 1938.

Endless wonders to discover and enjoy.

Alta Badia is a paradise for those who love sports and the warm atmosphere of a chalet. It's a treasure chest of beautiful things.

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